<topbar right style="display:none;"> <item><a href="index.html">home</a></item> <item><a href="resume.html">resume</a></item> <item><a href="https://ideatrash.net">blog</a></item> <menu name="portfolio"> <item><a href="coding.html">coding</a></item> <item><a href="nucmed.html">nucmed</a></item> <item><a href="fiction.html">fiction</a></item> <item><a href="nonfiction.html">nonfiction</a></item> <item><a href="teaching.html">teaching</a></item> <item><a href="academic.html">academic</a></item> </menu> </topbar> #### Coding My experience is varied and largely self-taught, starting with modding BBSes in C in 1995 and continuing through to the work I put out today. This experience means that I usually don&rsquo;t know it&rsquo;s impossible to do something until after I&rsquo;ve already figured out a way to do it. Some of the projects I&rsquo;m happiest with are: - [muna](https://github.com/uriel1998/muna) - Clean a series of links, resolving redirects and finding Wayback results if page is gone. - [mpdcontrol.sh](https://github.com/uriel1998/yolo-mpd#mpdcontrolsh) - Featured on *[One Thing Well](http://onethingwell.org/post/134339014937/yolo-mpd)* - CLI interface to MPD with autocompletion for playlist, album, artist, or genre. - [skipa](https://github.com/uriel1998/skipa) - skipa is designed to fix and write tags in PDF files so they can be organized more easily and more tool-agnostically. - [vindauga](https://github.com/uriel1998/vindauga) - Download and display album art or display embedded (or folder-based) album art using a bash script; a largely rewritten fork of kunst - [agaetr](https://github.com/uriel1998/agaetr) - A modular system to take a list of RSS feeds, process them, and send them to social media with images, content warnings, and sensitive image flags when available. You can see more at [github.io](https://uriel1998.github.io). [GitHub](https://uriel1998.github.io) [GitLab](https://gitlab.com/uriel1998/) [Personal Repo](https://git.faithcollapsing.com) [Coding posts](https://ideatrash.net/tag/coding) <a href="index.html">back</a>