I am very motivated by “Hey, that program doesn’t work the way I want it to! Let’s bend it to my will!” While my code isn’t always optimized, I’ve worked pretty hard to make it:

  1. A learning experience for me that fixes a problem/need I have.
  2. Easy to figure out how it works
  3. Resistant to bitrot ( shakes fist at all the abandoned python2 programs )
  4. Able for someone else to come along and fix any bitrot that happens if I’m not able or around to do it myself.

That’s led to a lot of these being in BASH. There’s some BASHisms throughout, so they’re not exactly POSIX-compliant, but hopefully they’re close enough that someone who is better at such than I can easily tweak them.

Some of the projects I’m happiest with are:

  • network-middle-manager - Bash script that runs programs in userspace on network change.
  • tdab - Create side and top bars in tmux easily, along with a “devour” style command.
  • muna - Clean a series of links, resolving redirects and finding Wayback results if page is gone.
  • mpdq - Automatic MPD “smart playlist” creator in bash with minimal but hackable setup.
  • - Featured on One Thing Well - CLI interface to MPD with autocompletion for playlist, album, artist, or genre.
  • skipa - skipa is designed to fix and write tags in PDF files so they can be organized more easily and more tool-agnostically.
  • vindauga - Download and display album art or display embedded (or folder-based) album art using a bash script; a largely rewritten fork of kunst
  • agaetr - A modular system to take a list of RSS feeds, process them, and send them to social media with images, content warnings, and sensitive image flags when available.

You can see more at

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