<topbar right style="display:none;"> <item><a href="index.html">home</a></item> <item><a href="resume.html">resume</a></item> <item><a href="https://ideatrash.net">blog</a></item> <menu name="portfolio"> <item><a href="coding.html">coding</a></item> <item><a href="nucmed.html">nucmed</a></item> <item><a href="fiction.html">fiction</a></item> <item><a href="nonfiction.html">nonfiction</a></item> <item><a href="teaching.html">teaching</a></item> <item><a href="academic.html">academic</a></item> </menu> </topbar> [Download Resume](resume_saus.pdf) # Education <br /> ### Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science Wright State University &bull; *June 2011* ### Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Wright State University &bull; *March 2009* ### Nuclear Medicine Technologist School Naval School Of Health Sciences &bull; *August 1999* ### Leadership Development Course Fort Knox Non-Commissioned Officers Academy &bull; *March 2011* ### Radiologic Technologist School Army Academy of Health Sciences &bull; *June 1995* # Work <br /> ### Nuclear Medicine Technologist Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton OH &bull; *2002 - Present* - Develop Xeleris computer interfaces for staff, increasing efficiency while respecting user abilities - Create and maintained internal web site for employee use in a production environment - Adapt medical, educational, and technical guides to communicate detailed processes clearly to lay readers - Develop and implement quality control programs, resulting in a 26.5% reduction of errors - Evaluate efficiency of patient scheduling, increasing patient load by 75% without increasing man-hours ### Publisher/Owner Alliteration Ink, Dayton OH &bull; *2011 - 2019* - Created audio, video, and text content to reach multiple target audiences via social media - Evaluated and exploit market conditions in the rapidly changing field of digital and print publishing - Created and maintaine accessible and SEO optimized web presence, including e-commerce solutions - Coordinated over 60 subject matter experts spanning five continents for twelve projects ### Programming Director Context Convention, Fanaco Inc, Columbus OH &bull; *2013 - 2014* - Created online and print marketing strategy as part of the convention committee - Determined content needs for over 200 attendees for a three-day convention - Recruited over 40 international subject matter experts for a three-day event ### Adjunct Faculty Department of Sociology, Wright State University &bull; *2011 - 2012* - Redesigned research methods course to increase student motivation, participation, and comprehension - Instructed, guided, and supervised 129 students in creating and executing original research projects - Used distance learning techniques to provide instructional materials to students with irregular schedules - Designed and executed qualitative research projects uncovering unrealized customer requirements ### Interim Supervisor, Nuclear Medicine Department U.S. Army, Fort Leonard Wood &bull; *2000 - 2002* - Initiated and performed retrospective reviews of patient studies validating over 95% of physician referrals - Coordinated ongoing in-service training for 15+ personnel in the medical imaging department in a military environment ### Nuclear Medicine Technologist U.S. Army, Fort Leonard Wood, MO &bull; *2000 - 2002* ### Interim Supervisor Nuclear Medicine Department, U.S. Army, Fort Leonard Wood &bull; *2000 - 2002* Over eighteen years of nuclear medicine experience and over twenty years medical imaging experience in civilian and military environments. Create instructional materials for medical, technical, and literary settings. Present original research at conferences. Facilitate formal and informal instruction in one-on-one, small group, and classroom settings. Conduct social and behavioral research in academic and professional settings using qualitative and quantitative methods. Maintain and develop a high level of computer competency to facilitate teaching and learning opportunities. <a href="index.html">back</a>