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Steven Saus

Professional Summary

Over twenty years experience in healthcare and allied health in both military and civilian settings.  Analyzes, writes, and edits highly customized news briefings on a range of topics. Experienced with multiple computer systems, languages, and software products including BASH, Python, and HTML/XML. Develops and creates instructional materials for medical, technical, and literary settings. Facilitates formal and informal instruction in one-on-one, small group, online, and classroom settings in academic, military, and corporate settings. Performs qualitative and quantitative research and analysis. Contributes to open source programming projects and their documentation.

Employment History

Analyst, Cision/Bulletin Intelligence, Chicago IL. 2022-

  • Analyze, write, and edit highly customized news briefings on a range of topics, including public policy initiatives, legislation, consumer insights, financial earnings, industry trends, and new product developments for core briefings sent to c-suite executives and select employees.

Traveling Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Titan Medical, Omaha, NE. 2022-2022

  • Explained medical procedures to patients and answered any questions they may have.
  • Followed safety procedures to protect the patients and staff from unnecessary radiation exposure.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton OH. 2002-2021

  • Revised and standardized department procedures to comply with current medical literature and in compliance with multiple regulatory bodies and increase comprehension for new personnel.
  • Designed and evaluated survey instruments used to assess the impact of management initiatives on employee perceptions.
  • Independently modernized and maintained internal web site for employee use in a production environment, optimizing access to standards across two campuses and three departments.
  • Developed medical computer user interfaces for staff, increasing efficiency while respecting user technological ability.
  • Designed user guides and executed training of over twenty staff members on new equipment and software in a civilian medical production environment.
  • Conducted independent research to verify physician queries, leading to reduced patient radiation exposure and increased sensitivity and specificity of studies.
  • Experience with multiple medical computer systems---including EPIC and PACS/RIS systems---from an array of vendors on multiple operating systems.
  • Developed, implemented, and analyzed quality control programs, resulting in 26.5% reduction of documentation errors.
  • Developed optimization of department schedule providing increased continuity of care while reducing staffing requirements by 50%.

Owner, Alliteration Ink Publishing, Dayton OH. 2011-2019

  • Performed and presented analysis of survey data examining trends with author's first novel sales.
  • Maintained an effective targeted direct marketing mailing list following best ethical practices.
  • Used knowledge of XML and metadata formats for digital publication and distribution.
  • Utilized multiple languages and markup syntax on various operating systems to complete projects with existing codebases or regulatory restrictions.
  • Authored multiple non-fiction articles on business, academic, and technological topics for professional publication.
  • Led and participated in numerous panel discussions at regional topical conferences.
  • Created and evaluated marketing materials to reach a diverse range of target audiences via social media.
  • Developed, designed, and maintained website for a small publisher, including interface with eCommerce solution.
  • Developed, negotiated, and executed contracts with 15-25 subcontractors in multiple publishing projects with an emphasis on diverse voices.

Programming Director, Context Convention, Fanaco Inc, Columbus OH. 2013-2014

  • Determined content needs for over 200 attendees and recruited over 50 international subject matter experts for a three-day literary conference.
  • Developed a programming schedule in collaboration with all stakeholders, balancing the needs of multiple diverse audiences
  • Assessed effectiveness of training presented at a three-day conference and further needs for the target audience

Adjunct Faculty, Wright State University, Dayton OH. 2011-2012

  • Developed and verified a survey instrument assessing prejudice within a post-secondary institution and to assess the effectiveness of ongoing interventions.
  • Instructed, guided, and supervised 129 students in developing and executing original research projects.
  • Designed and executed qualitative research projects uncovering and evaluating unrealized needs of marginalized populations in an academic setting.
  • Redesigned research methods course to increase student motivation, participation, and comprehension including the pre-pandemic use of distance learning techniques to provide instruction.
  • Performed single and multi-site IRB certified quantitative research projects assessing the needs of non-traditional students.

Supervisor, Nuclear Medicine Department, U.S. Army, Fort Leonard Wood, MO. 2000-2002

  • Evaluated efficiency of patient scheduling, increasing patient load by 75% without increasing man-hours.
  • Created informational patient handouts based on feedback from all stakeholders, increasing patient compliance.
  • Served as Technology and Security Officer with responsibility for 11 computer workstations.
  • Adapted medical, educational, and technical guides to communicate detailed processes in clear terms to laypersons.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist, U.S. Army, Fort Leonard Wood, MO. 1999-2000

  • Initiated and performed retrospective reviews of patient studies validating physician referrals.
  • Coordinated ongoing inservice training for personnel in the medical imaging department in a military environment.


  • Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science, Wright State University, 03/2011
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Wright State University, 06/2009
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist School, Naval School Of Health Sciences, 08/1999
  • Leadership Development Course, NCO Academy, Ft. Knox, 03/1997
  • Radiologic Technologist School, Academy of Health Sciences, 06/1995

Selected Publications

  • "Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Ideas?: Making Speculative Fiction Speculative "- Feb 2014 from Tarcher/Penguin Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror: Speculative Genre Exercises from Today's Best Writers and Teachers.
  • "Securing Your Online Life," SFWA Bulletin 205, Summer 2013
  • "Digital Publishing Overview," SFWA Bulletin 195, Fall 2011
  • So You Want to Make an eBook, July 2011
  • "I'll Pencil You In:Perceptions and Class Schedules for the Older Student," Teaching/Learning Matters, 37:1, Summer 2008
  • "Camelot is Only a Model:Scientific Literacy in the 21st Century," SEED Magazine, September/October 2007


  • ISTQB, Certified Tester Foundation Level
  • BLS AHT-1643307193-6416-7296 
  • CNMT, NMTCB Certified 022334, Pass With Highest Distinction 
  • R. T. (N) (ARRT) Certified 348820, Pass With Distinction